Shaykh Maruf Ahmed - Executive Secretary

Shaykh Maruf Ahmed is a traditionally-trained Islamic scholar who serves as the Executive Secretary and resident Mufti of The Muslim Law (Shariah) Council UK. As a religious leader and educator, he possess extensive experience and knowledge, with a special interest in Islamic Family Law.

He graduated from Darul Hadis Latifiah (London) in 2011, where he studied Arabic and the traditional Islamic Sciences, including the six canonical books of Hadith. After graduating, he continued his studies with several scholars in the UK, and also travelled abroad to study in Yemen and Egypt.

He later went on to complete a Masters Degree in Islamic Studies at the Muslim College, London. Thereafter, he studied Ifta at Darul Ifta Birmingham, and graduated as a Mufti.

He is also a hafiz of the Quran, a trained mediator, and a freelance translator.

He is actively involved with numerous organisations and projects, including:

Maruf Ahmed
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