Khula (Divorce)

In Islam, a married woman is permitted to seek a termination of her marriage contract through a Shariah Council and Muslim judge. The reasons, for seeking Khula should be founded upon valid reasons, such as immoral behaviour or mistreatment on behalf the husband towards his wife, a woman who feels she dislikes her husband and can no longer give him, his rights etc.

However, this decision should be given serious consideration – a woman is advised to abstain from seeking khula on baseless reasons and to exert necessarily efforts to maintain a harmonious and peaceful relation with her spouse with mutual respect and love. In the unfortunate case, the marriage reaches a point of irreconcilable differences based on valid reasons, all efforts of reconciliation are exhausted and unsuccessful, then Islam has provided a solution for this case i.e. Khula. For more information on the procedure please download our ‘Application form for woman and procedure for khula information’.


  • Completed application
  • Copy of Nikkah contract
  • Either, proof of identity i.e. passport or drivers licence and proof of address i.e. utility bill
  • Or two witness sign the form, one being of a professional background.



All inclusive, there are no other additional charges or fees. Please make the payment prior to sending your application. In any case, additional services are required, the council will charge the applicant in accordance to our policy.

Please click here to download forms

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