Professor Shaykh Dr Gamal Man’aa Solaiman رحمه الله

Prof. Gamal M.A. Solaiman (1932-2017) رحمه الله was a forrmer chair to The Muslim Law Shariah Council UK.

Widely regarded as one of the highest ranking Azhari scholar in Europe, Prof. Solaiman was Chief Imam at London’s Islamic Cultural Centre (Regent’s Park Mosque) for more than 20 years. He would later go on to become Head Imam at Ottawa Mosque, Canada. Having learnt Urdu at the Azhar University in Cairo, he worked in India at Aligarh University during the early stages of his career. He made frequent visits University of Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan teaching Islamic Jurisprudence.

With a wealth of experience of guiding, teaching and raising a generation of western Muslims leaders as well as understanding the cultural richness and ideological diversity of the south Asian community in the United Kingdom; Prof Solaiman was without doubt a great Islamic scholar and sage of the twentieth/twenty-first century, having mastered and successfully blended both traditional and modern Islamic scholarship; with a traceable track record for passing his wisdom and experience to a generation of scholars, Imams and community leaders for over 20 years at the Muslim College, London and for more than 50 years throughout his lifetime.

May Allah ﷻ accept, forgive, and grant Prof. Solaiman Jannah.









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