About the Muslim Law (Shariah) Council UK

The Muslim Law (Shariah) Council was established in 1985 under the guidance of numerous scholars and Imams, to meet the needs of Muslims in Great Britain. The Council is dedicated to serving the Muslim community in the country by addressing a wide range of social, family, and marital issues and providing Islamic opinions and guidelines based on discussions and consultations held during its meetings. The Council consists of Imams and Muslim scholars of all major Fiqh schools, legal advisors, Islamic Finance experts and professional therapists.

In addition to its work within the Muslim community, the Council is frequently approached by institutions, organisations, and individuals from different ethnic and religious backgrounds who seek expert opinions on social, theological, cultural, political, and academic matters in accordance with Islamic law.

Since its inception, the Council has developed an effective framework to complement existing dispute resolution mechanisms. To date, it has dealt with over 3,000 cases involving disputes within Muslim families, successfully investigating, deliberating, and adjudicating these matters.

The Council is committed to maintaining a policy that avoids conflicts between the laws of the land and Islamic law during its deliberations. The Council refers matters outside of its remit to the courts and does not function as a parallel judiciary service.

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