Chairman – Shaykh Sayyid Dr Mosa Alblezi Al-Hasani

Shaykh Sayyid Dr Mosa Alblezi Al-Hasani – a descendant of the Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) through his grandson Al-Hasan ibn Ali (may Allah be pleased with them both) – currently serves as chairman of the Muslim Law (Shariah) Council UK.

He holds a BA in Shariah Law, an MA in Islamic Studies, and a PhD in Islamic Studies from the University of Wales.

After memorising the Quran at an early age at Zaweyat Al-Asmari, Libya, he received Ijazah in the Islamic Sciences, having studied with numerous scholars. He is trained in all four Schools of Jurisprudence.

Dr Mosa also has many published journals and has contributed to the translation of classical Islamic literature, including Imām al-Juwaynī’s Lumaʾ al-Adillah (The Luminous Proofs).

He is dedicated to serving Muslim communities in Britain, with a wealth of experience in mediating and reconciliation between families.

He is also the Principal of The Muslim College, London.

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