Nikkah (Marriage)

In Islam nikkah is a marriage contract, considered as a sacred bond. The Qur’an refers to this as a ‘serious contract’ were both parties have been allocated certain responsibilities to be carried out towards each other with sincerity to God. God acknowledges these deeds as worthy of reward, therefore a Muslim should strive and make genuine effort to build a harmonious home with their spouse in order to earn these easy yet heavy rewards.Marriage [nikkah] may only be conducted with full consent from both parties, in the case of the female the approval of her wali (guardian) is also required. A Muslim woman may only make nikkah with a Muslim man. A Muslim man may make nikkah with a Muslim woman or chaste woman from the people of the book ahl kitab.The Muslim Law and (Shariah) council UK, conducts Marriage [nikkah] contracts both on site and off site. To book appointments or inquiry contact us. The information is on the website under ‘Contact us’.


  • Legal age, sane and mature Muslim
  • Full consent from both parties (free will)
  • Proof of identity (passport or driver’s license)


Onsite: £375.00

Off site: £475.00

All inclusive, there are no other additional charges or fees. Please make the payment prior to sending your application. In any case, additional services are required, the council will charge the applicant in accordance to our policy.

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