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Dr. Imam Mamadou Seydou Bocoum a Chaplain at Her Majesty’s Prison Ford Sussex. He has a BA in Arabic Language and has travelled extensively throughout the Muslim world, which helped him to expanded his understanding of traditional Islamic scholarship. In 1998, Mamadou moved to the United Kingdom to cultivate his appreciation of Islam as it is understood in the West. Having obtained his MA in Islamic Studies in 2003, he went on to pursue a certificate in Imamship in 2004 and a PhD in Islamic Studies, which he was awarded in 2009.

He is committed to interfaith work and has participated in various interfaith activities, lecturing on both the development and maintenance of relations between the Abrahamic faiths As a demonstration of Dr. Bocoum’s commitment to interfaith dialogue, he completed another MA in 2012 from Heythrop College, the University of London; this time it’s pioneering study of Abrahamic Religions.

For more than 10 years, Dr. Bocoum commitment and dedication to Britain is matched only by his love for scholarship and its practical and positive application to British society.  His hands-on work across Britain’s grassroot level; helping and empowering some of Britain’s most needy and deprived, is a reflection of Dr. Bocoum’s commitment.

Britain extended to Dr. Bocoum an opportunity to develop himself and to flourish into one if it’s most brightest and most promising citizens.  It is an opportunity Dr. Bocoum truly appreciates and is more than prepared to honour by sharing his expertise and insights for the betterment of our multicultural and multifaith society.

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